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Insisting it’s spring

Tuesday 10th April 2018, 12.20pm (day 2,420)

Blossom and Contact Theatre, 10/4/18

Back to cold, rainy weather. But if I keep posting pictures of spring perhaps when I look back I will remember this as a warm April morning. The blossom is out in ‘my’ courtyard at work, at least, but back in 2014 (for example) it looked like this in February. A sign of the lateness of the weather patterns this year.

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Contact Theatre, exterior

Thursday 1st December 2016, 4.55pm (day 1,925)

Contact Theatre lights, 1/12/16

The Contact Theatre was built in 1999 and adjoins the Ellen Wilkinson Building where I work, helping close off my courtyard (you’ve seen that often enough), but it is a separate entity from the university. It focuses on youth theatre and involves young people in programming and hiring decisions, apparently. The picture also demonstrates that we have reached that time of year where I get to leave the office and it’s already dark. So be it… December it is.

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Contact Theatre café

Thursday 21st November 2013, 12.45pm (day 819)

Contact Theatre café, 21/11/13

A second day beset by more Russians than is considered the usual amount; and two awful train journeys, particularly the one going home. This oasis stands reasonbly close to my office and I’m surprised it’s never featured on the blog before day 819, to be honest.

And no, I couldn’t say exactly what he’s doing. Occam’s Razor suggests ‘eating’, but what, I don’t know.

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