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Cartridge graveyard

Friday 21st April 2017, 1.15pm (day 2,066)

Atari landfill, 21/4/17

An exhibit in the Centre for Computing History, in Cambridge: basically a large unit on an industrial estate full of absolutely every old home computer and game system ever released (anyone remember the Jupiter Ace, for example?) — geek heaven in other words. This exhibit is, apparently, all real landfill waste from somewhere in the USA — disposed of after the Atari market collapsed in 1982, all because of a very cruddy E. T. game, apparently. So it can now seem a metaphor for our consumer society, or something. Good museum though.

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Monday 28th November 2016, 12.15pm (day 1,922)

Punting, 28/11/16

Did I do punting on the Cam back in January, when I first came to Cambridge? Well, bugger it. I’m depicting it again. There are reasons.

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Senate House Passage, Cambridge

Monday 14th November 2016, 3.55pm (day 1,908)

Senate House Passage, 14/11/16

Having never been to Cambridge in my life until January this year, it’s a definite discovery of 2016. I returned today for a seminar and will be back there in a fortnight, too. Parts of it are as beautiful as anywhere I have ever been, like a fairytale almost, particularly with the golden leaves of autumn. This picture depicts none of that, but I like it anyway; most of the place seems to look something like this, including all the bicycles.

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Punts on the Cam, at St John’s College

Wednesday 6th January 2016, 3.15pm (day 1,595)

River Cam, 6/1/16

By many reckonings, the University of Cambridge is considered the best in the world. Today was my first-ever visit there, and what struck me is that it’s so goddamn small. Even Oxford feels like a city, but this place is just a little town in the Fens. Beautiful though, even on another grey January day (I’ve literally seen ten minutes of sunshine all year thus far). I thought I might struggle to catch a photo of a punt, but there were loads of them on the River Cam, including two for the price of one in this shot. Tourists on the right, but the guy on the left does look as if he is just using the punt as your basic local transport option.

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