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Helsinki airport sculpture (and England fan)

Tuesday 14th October 2014, 3.40pm (day 1,146)

Helsinki airport, 14/10/14

And so I came home again, with my itinerary merging at Helsinki with the last few English football fans who had been in Estonia for the match on Sunday evening. Around gate 37 of Helsinki airport is an art gallery, which makes a difference from the usual duty free shop, but then again they do most things better in Scandinavia if you ask me. Finland sneaks back onto the blog then, 793 days after its last appearance on 12th August 2012.

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In the Tate, Liverpool

Friday 1st August 2014, 2.05pm (day 1,072)

Tate Liverpool, 1/8/14

As if there hadn’t been enough art last week, a trip to the Mondrian exhibition at the Tate in Liverpool. “Please don’t take pictures of the art,” we were told, “but you can take pictures of the view from the windows.” Well, OK then — here’s a bit of both.

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Inside the Vatican

Friday 25th July 2014, 1.10pm (day 1,065)

Vatican, 25/7/14

I said a few days ago that this blog would soon feature its 20th country, so here you go — the world’s smallest independent state, the Vatican City. Also the state with, almost certainly, the highest proportion of tourists to residents. And probably the world’s largest art gallery. This is one of the ‘Raphael rooms’, decorated by said artist in the 16th century, slightly before Michelangelo painted the more famous (and even more crowded) Sistine Chapel.

And is the Vatican worth a visit? Well, it’s certainly the most sumptuous interior decoration in the world. But it does depend how much you like looking at a) excessive displays of wealth and status and b) other people.

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Stallholder, Hebden Bridge market

Wednesday 19th June 2013, 9.00am (day 664)

Hebden Bridge market, 19/6/13

Seven days in a row at home now — I mean without leaving at all, even for work — and no nights away planned until well into July. This is unusual for me. I need to look around, reconnect.

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At the Jeff Wall exhibition, M.C.A., Sydney

Saturday 25th May 2013, 1.45pm (day 639)

Jeff Wall exhibition, 25/5/13

My last full day in Australia — for now. Spent the middle part of it at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney, lured in by the promise of a free exhibition (and this is one of the most expensive cities in the world, so freebies are to be welcomed). Felt inspired by some really good photography, if you’re into this particular medium and you haven’t seen the work of Jeff Wall I do recommend checking it out. He works on some projects for up to six months, to capture a single image — like this one, for instance, probably my favourite of the exhibition and visible here on the left of my shot.

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The sculptress’s hands, Nimbin

Saturday 20th April 2013, 4.00pm (day 604)

Sculptress' hands, 20/4/13

Nimbin is what the tourist guides will call a ‘countercultural centre’, which has been the case since the Aquarius festival there in 1973. This lady was one of a group who were carving sandstone lumps into great sculptures and then just leaving them in the patch of ground where they lay. That’s Nimbin for ya. I liked it.

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Light Render

Saturday 23rd March 2013, 1.55pm (day 576)

Light Render, 23/3/13

Light Render is an art installation by Caitlin Franzmann, currently on display at the QUT Art Museum. According to the blurb for this exhibit, in which a video camera is pointed at a mirrored cube and the image displayed on the wall behind, the point is to allow visitors to the gallery to insert themselves into the art work in various ways by interposing themselves into the camera’s line of sight and/or the feed itself. So that is what I have done here – the two man-shaped shadows you see here are both me.

And seeing as this blog is my own ‘work of art’, an extended record of my life, here Ms Franzmann’s work of art inserts itself into my own work of art and everyone’s work of art becomes a small part of everyone else’s…. in some giant recursion. Or something like that.

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Arbat, Moscow

Monday 24th October 2011, 6.25pm (day 60)

Arbat, 24/10/11

The Arbat is like Hebden Bridge. You can amble around and pick up art or second-hand books or jewelry, but nothing very practical like medicine. But it is laid-back, which is unusual for Moscow.

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