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This year’s apple crop (so far)

Saturday 25th May 2019, 11.55am (day 2,830)

Baby apples, 25/5/19

After last year’s glut, our plums are going to have one of their years off, this is obvious already. But there are dozens of these little babies on the branches of the apple tree. Come back to us in September for the harvest.

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Wasted windfall

Friday 7th October 2016, 9.30am (day 1,870)

Windfall, 7/10/16

Thanks to the very good weather over the last few weeks (though it changed today), there has been a huge crop of apples this year. Our garden tree has produced so many that for the first time ever we have a surplus. Not as much as this tree however — or rather the tree implied above the upper edge of this shot — which resides on campus, near my office, and unfortunately isn’t the agricultural territory of anyone in particular so all this windfall has gone to waste.

Off on a trip tomorrow…. a new city and new country for the blog. Come back to find out where…

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