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Barf, from Lord’s Seat

Friday 2nd October 2020, 10.55am (day 3,326)

The Lake District mountain that is Barf has a very silly name, but it is a rugged little beast and has a great view. Its summit has featured before, as some eight and a half years ago I was up there with the couple who’d brought their grandson’s Action Man along for the ride. With a weather forecast that is significantly deteriorating, I made the most of a chance to rebag it (and its two neighbours, Lord’s Seat and Whinlatter) today as part of my ongoing second Wainwright round. I’ll work some other day…. OK? Wouldn’t you?

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The summit of Barf

Thursday 1st March 2012, 2.00pm (day 189)

Summit of Barf, 1/3/12With no computer at the moment it’s difficult to work properly so I went on a walk, which I enjoyed despite cloudy weather. 160 Lakeland fells done now – 54 to go (see the other blog for details).

Barf was today’s highlight. That really is the name of this mountain, by the way (apparently it is a version of a word that means ‘a low hill’). While on the summit, this couple placed Action Man here on the cairn, to take a photo of it ‘for our grandson’, Nice idea! So I stole it. The idea, that is, not the Action Man.

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