Mirror, Terminal 3, Heathrow

Thursday 24th January 2013, 4.35pm (day 518)

Mirror, T3, 24/1/13

Well, that’s it for me in the UK for a good while – I’m off, away from this cruddy weather, away from the ongoing obnoxiousness of the government who have still yet to actually win an election (thank you Mr Cameron for condemning us to another few years of economic uncertainty on your watch – and didn’t you come in claiming fiscal piety?), away from the cattle-truck commute in the morning…. whatever. And whatever awaits me on my sabbatical, I can at least say this – it’ll be WARM.

Back in the UK in early June, day 650 of the blog or thereabouts. Plenty to see and photograph in the meantime though, so stick around… I’ve moved, but the blogging will stay right here.

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