Flying south

Thursday 22nd December 2011, 11.35am (day 119)

Flying south, 22/12/11

I probably come across as someone who disagrees with the way Britain is currently being run – which I admit. But despite it all there are still a lot of things about this place that I really like. One of them is how, after days and days of cruddy weather, you can wake up one morning, even in midwinter, and be immersed in an utterly glorious day. Such a day was today. If we thought it would last, you might even say these birds had made the wrong decision. I suspect, however, they are more sensitive than I.

By the way, another good candidate for today can be seen on my Flickr site, unused because I thought there had been too many HB scenic views and this one was more unusual. I still like it though, both are good reminders of a spectacular morning.

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