It begins. Friday 26th & Saturday 27th August 2011.

I turned 42 yesterday (26/8/11). Douglas Adams famously made that number the answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe and Everything. If this is, then, to be the year in which I discover the meaning of life, perhaps it will be encoded here.

27th August 2011: The Science Museum, London.

Science Museum, London, 27/8/11

The Museum heaves with people, pressing buttons, touching screens, watching displays in the new, ICT-heavy wings. Meanwhile the fustier old cabinets in the Victorian sections seem neglected. But it’s in them that the history lies, and the interest; Joe likes the mechanical calculators, where you have to turn levers and clank gears to do the sums but the working of the machine is there in front of you. The newer sections, all about climate change and DNA, seem bland. There is a veneer of interactivity to them but it’s still the museum authorities telling us things. What we are shown – what they have chosen to show us – does not change, whatever we might think about it, whatever buttons we press, whomever and whatever we are.

26th August 2011: London College of Communication.

London College of Communication, 26/8/11

It shouldn’t matter, as long as you are using it to look out onto the world and learn.

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One thought on “It begins. Friday 26th & Saturday 27th August 2011.

  1. […] is a good number. Here’s a shot featuring another good number, one I invoked right back on day one of this blog. As I’ve never changed the (domain) name, ‘Being 42’ this blog […]

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