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The summit of Brant Fell

Thursday 20th December 2018, 1.45pm (day 2,674)

Brant Fell summit, 20/12/18

Little to add except that it was time to get out into some mountains again — even if they weren’t very high. The late December gloom never really lifted all day, but for this shot, it doesn’t matter.

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Monday 28th October 2013, 3.05pm (day 795)

Windermere, 28/10/13

Joe is on his half-term holiday, so these two days I’m off work doing my part of the child care duties. And I decided to take him somewhere I liked. Why not.

Newspaper editors in London might also like to use this picture as evidence that today was not, despite their headlines, the day that the ‘Killer Storm Stopped Britain’. Or perhaps they were using ‘Britain’ as shorthand for ‘that small part of a decent-sized country which is nearest to London’ — as they so often do?

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