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The West Pier, Brighton

Friday 20th February 2015, 3.50pm (day 1,275)

West pier, 20/2/15

A bit of catching up to do after spending the weekend in Brighton. The ruined West Pier is always good for a shot, probably looks as photogenic now as it ever did when it was standing. This one is taken from the extent Palace Pier (now just known as Brighton Pier).

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West Pier, Brighton

Thursday 20th March 2014, 10.00am (day 938)

West pier, 20/3/14

This is the ruined West Pier’s second appearance on the blog, the first — accompanied by a huge flock of starlings — being way back on Day 72. Earlier this year it lost another chunk of ironwork to the winter storms, although that damage is not really visible on this shot. The photo also proves that it was a glorious morning on the south coast today — rather nicer than the foul wind and rain back in the north when I got home tonight, I can tell you (grumble).

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Starlings over the West Pier, Brighton

Saturday 5th November 2011, 4.35pm (day 72)

West Pier, 5/11/11

I grew up in the South of England but left 20 years ago and don’t tend to come back if I can help it. This place, however, is the one exception. Sometimes I wish they would swap it with Blackpool – the one carbuncle on the face of the North – then all the really good places would be up there and all the naff places down South, But it’s probably better this way round. However, a warning  – there are plans to build some huge ‘observation tower’ in front of the ruined West Pier. Remember, if there is anything cool and beautiful, someone, somewhere, is planning to fuck it up.

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