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Before my seminar at CSU

Wednesday 6th March 2013, 12 noon (day 559)

CSU seminar, 6/3/13

These are the nice people at Charles Sturt University (Information and Library Science department) who have been looking after me the last few days and were nice enough to turn up today – along with a bunch of other online participants – to hear me talk about my work. I like this shot because of little details, like the disembodied legs and the distant perspective down the corridor to the right. Anyway – last day in Wagga today for now, though I may be back in May. Sydney tomorrow.

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Research awayday, Charles Sturt University

Monday 4th March 2013, 2.00pm (day 557)

CSU research meeting, 4/3/13

Just to confirm that I am still getting on with the occasional day’s work while on this trip. In Manchester we are lucky if we can get a sight of the smelly and overtrafficked Oxford Road from one of our office windows, here at CSU in Wagga we have a view of miles of uninterrupted hills, scrub and vineyards.

Also a happy birthday to Joe today – 10 years old, born 04/03/03 (and yes, we have all sometimes regretted that he arrived 14.6 hours too late to have a really numerically cool birth date). Sorry I couldn’t be there, my son.

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Near Wagga Wagga, sunset

Sunday 3rd March 2013, 7.35pm (day 556)

Wagga Wagga hills, 3/3/13

Left New Zealand today and was mildly grumpy about it. Wanted more time in that beautiful country, where the climate is more agreeable and the beer better than in Australia (well, it is). Wasn’t particularly motivated about going back there to go to work tomorrow morning, wasn’t bothered about spending yet another few hours in a plane and then coming out into some little town stuck out in corn-chewing country.

And then as we flew in – bloody hell. What a glorious evening. What a brilliant view. Happy to be back.

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