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Ripening nicely

Saturday 13th June 2020, 3.50pm (day 3,215)

Redcurrants, 13/6/20

The redcurrants are getting there. Not that we get more than about two dozen of them annually, these days.

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Joe ponders the gardening

Monday 1st July 2019, 3.55pm (day 2,867)

Redcurrants and Joe, 1/7/19

Joe finished his GCSE exams a couple of weeks ago and so now, like all the UK’s 15-16 year olds, has an extended summer holiday, interrupted only insofar as his parents nag him to do things to get him out of the house. Attending part of the annual allotment summer tidy up (July is inspection month) didn’t seem to enthuse him much though. But the redcurrants are ready to eat (all six of them).

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New growth

Monday 4th April 2016, 5.55pm (day 1,684)

Redcurrant bud, 4/4/16

I went back to work today after 10 days off, not that this gave me any particularly new horizons photography-wise. Into the garden it is, then. All the plants that were deposited in the soil after being acquired from Barton Grange (and its urinals) two weeks ago seem to have sprouted, so that’s worth recording, if unexciting.

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