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British weather

Friday 22nd July 2022, 3.10pm (day 3,984)

Rain on benches, 22/7/22

Monday saw probably the highest temperatures in recorded British history, at least in some places. Today, it was chucking it down, and cool enough to need a jacket when out in the afternoon. The weather in Britain explains a great deal about the country’s psyche. “What comes, will come. Live with it.”

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Farmers’ market in the rain

Sunday 15th September 2013, 1.00pm (day 752)

Farmers market, 15/9/13

Very few people bothered today, on either side of the tables. Not surprised, though — the weather was dismal.

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Taking shelter, Bergen

Thursday 4th October 2012, 3.05pm (day 406)

University of Bergen, 4/10/12

Travelled last night from Trondheim to Bergen. I do like Bergen, it is a fine city, but it’d be even better if it didn’t chuck it down with rain about 75% of the time.

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Taking shelter, Manchester city centre

Monday 10th October 2011, 4.10pm (day 46)

Taking shelter, 10/10/11

A bit blurred I know but this was the best picture I came up with to encapsulate what was another rainy day. Apparently Manchester is not, according to its reputation, the rainiest city in the UK (it’s Glasgow, I believe) – but on days like this it certainly feels like it.

Incidentally, is it me or do Caffé Nero spell their name wrong?

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