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Bottom of School Street

Wednesday 10th July 2013, 4.10pm (day 685)

Bottom of School Street, 10/7/13

Stayed at home almost all day writing, and it wasn’t even a sunny day, so no real light. Here’s a study of form and composition from my locality that I’ve not yet covered, however. The School in question is Stubbings, the steps go up to its lower entrance. (Not a contradiction in terms – that’s Hebden Bridge for you.) I make this the first post box to appear on the blog, though I might be wrong.

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Railings and cobweb, my front doorstep

Monday 19th September 2011, 9.50am (day 25)

Railings and cobweb, front doorstep, 19/9/11

Today was the first day of the new academic year in Manchester. I skulked at home and hid away so profoundly that I never even left the house, the first such day while doing this blog. So I had to find inspiration at home. My old Victorian house is helpful in that regard, if only because of its occasional decrepitude. This is by my front door step – the furthest I got out today. I’ll meet the new students tomorrow.

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