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Post box vigil

Friday 23rd August 2013, 8.30am (day 729)

Post box vigil, 23/8/13

I dunno, you note a few weeks back that you’ve never depicted a post box on the blog before and then another one turns up. This lady seemed pretty keen this morning to not leave the vicinity of this post box. As with the abandoned wheelchair yesterday… what little stories do we potentially miss, in everyday life, all around us.

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Bottom of School Street

Wednesday 10th July 2013, 4.10pm (day 685)

Bottom of School Street, 10/7/13

Stayed at home almost all day writing, and it wasn’t even a sunny day, so no real light. Here’s a study of form and composition from my locality that I’ve not yet covered, however. The School in question is Stubbings, the steps go up to its lower entrance. (Not a contradiction in terms – that’s Hebden Bridge for you.) I make this the first post box to appear on the blog, though I might be wrong.

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