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Platform 1, Hebden Bridge station

Tuesday 2nd September 2014, 8.40am (day 1,104)

Platform 1, 2/9/14

Sometimes the shot is just a consequence of being stood in the right spot at the right time, isn’t it? And you wait ages for a photogenic plastic bag to come along, then there’s two in two days…

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Bag on bridge

Monday 1st September 2014, 8.45am (day 1,103)

Bridge and bag, 1/9/14

It says much about the day when the most interesting photo taken all day was as I got the camera out of the bag to take a different shot, turned it on, looked at the screen as it pointed down past the plastic bag I was carrying and thought, OK, let’s do that one too. The railings look nicely symmetrical. But I’m reaching.

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Litter bag, Blackburn station

Saturday 14th September 2013, 10.30am (day 751)

Bin bag, 14/9/13Blackburn is where I have to change trains when going to see my parents and/or sister. But it’s a surprisingly photogenic place. On a sunny day the light hits it perfectly. Today’s picture is like a proof of that concept — if the light can make an empty plastic bag look this attractive, then we’re talking something special.

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