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A large round number

Tuesday 14th February 2017, 9.50am (day 2,000)

Round number, 14/2/17

The university have a campaign at the moment around environmental sustainability, and for whatever reason the marketing types see fit, it is called ‘10,000 Actions’, hence these hedgerow digits propped up by Oxford Road. Once I knew I was going to be in Manchester today, this was always going to be the choice, although I did somewhat ruefully notice yesterday that two of the zeroes had fallen down.

No matter, it’s the symbolism. I have reached my own big, round number — 2,000 days’ blogging. Every day a photo taken by me, on the day: there has been no cheating, I assure you, no retrospectives. Considering I just set out to do this for a year, I’m chuffed that I not only still have the motivation to keep going, but nothing has yet blown out on me, like a malfunctioning SD card or stolen camera — or worst of all, the feeling that on a given day, there has been simply nothing to photograph.

In celebration I have created a new ‘top 20 from 2,000’ page: my own favourite 1%. The stats have been updated too — these are an integral part of the blogging process for me, they are what allow me to notice the quirks and eddies and flows of my life, and how this daily photographing of one or other part of it build up into something meaningful. I don’t pretend to be a photographer — I hope I never have — what this blog is, is an extension of my diary, the visual, image-based journal that I show to the world on a daily basis: but most of all keep for myself. I thank you, though, for following it; likes and visits help me keep it connected to the rest of the world, and it’s nice to know that there are some of you out there who want to check in now and again and make me realise it’s not all gross self-indulgence. Thank you for still being here after 2,000 days.

And will I keep it going? Well, each time I think of stopping there seems to be just one more little carrot dangling ahead. Reaching numerical milestones like today is ongoing encouragement, and then looking forward…. over the next seven months I am already down to travel to Japan, the Arctic (twice, including for the midnight sun in June), the USA, other parts of Russia (non-Moscow) and some other new spots as well. Too much potential interest to stop now…. So on we go. Here’s to the third millennium.

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Man wrestling with traffic lights

Friday 9th December 2016, 2.10pm (day 1,933)

Traffic lights, 9/12/16

Not a very exciting day, nor one that necessarily made me feel good about the wider world, so this being Manchester at the moment, here’s a picture of a bloke in a high-vis vest doing something building- or roadworks-related. There’s a lot of it about. At least it’s now the weekend.

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A bus swarm

Wednesday 16th November 2016, 9.55am (day 1,910)

Bus swarm, 16/11/16

Anyone unfamiliar with Manchester might imagine for a moment this pic is Photoshopped, but no, you really can see upward of 11 buses in a row on Oxford Road at certain points in time (not to mention the two or three more that were just to my left as I took this). On the one level this kind of phenomenon amuses me, but on the other hand I can’t help thinking of the other communities out there (like Sabden, Shap) that might benefit from having a spare bus or two now and again.

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Crossing Oxford Road

Wednesday 2nd November 2016, 9.25am (day 1,896)

Crossing Oxford Road, 2/11/16

Sometimes things can improve. When I first started work at the University of Manchester in 2005 the campus was split in half by this traffic-choked urban throughway, one of the main A-roads of the whole country. It was really rather dismal. Slowly, by incremental steps, it has markedly improved, with most traffic now directed around the sides of the campus. The latest round of roadworks have now mostly gone and it is so much better than it was 11 years ago.

And another thing — there have been many reasons to be unhappy with 2016 in a global sense — but the UK’s autumn weather has not been one of them. Since mid-August it has mostly been tremendous. Same again today, for sure, a glorious autumn day.

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Oxford Road

Tuesday 10th November 2015, 9.50am (day 1,538)

Oxford Road, 10/11/15

This is not my only walking route from Victoria to the office, but I head up and down it frequently enough. We are heading into that time of year where at the time I typically walk down it, the sunlight will be coming from straight ahead — not always easy to capture well but when it works, it’s great light. Today, the clouds helped; but there was still some flare, which led to spots of odd colour, hence the monochrome.

The building on the far left, by the way, is the Manchester Aquatics Centre, venue for the swimming and diving events of the 2002 Commonwealth Games.

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Grocer’s stall, Oxford Road

Tuesday 3rd November 2015, 4.20pm (day 1,531)

Veg stall, 3/11/15

This stall is a familiar sight on the walk back up Oxford Road into the city centre: it’s there in the same spot every weekday, and maybe weekends too. I like this shot because it’s the one I meant to take, only it’s gone monochrome to obscure the fact that the square behind the woman’s head was a totally incongruous bright purple on the initial version. It still looks a bit conspicuous here but overall the effect is much better in black and white.

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Old BBC site, Manchester

Friday 9th October 2015, 9.40am (day 1,506)

Old BBC building, 9/10/15

Little seems to have happened to the site of the old BBC building since the structure was removed three years ago. My confident (but wholly ironic) prediction that it might get turned into eco-friendly affordable housing seems as far away as ever.

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….and then the rain

Thursday 2nd July 2015, 4.00pm (day 1,407)

Rainy Manchester, 2/7/15

Hot and sunny in London yesterday it may have been, but in Manchester this afternoon it was neither of these things, particularly not when I had to walk all the way along Oxford Road getting soaked. At least this girl had an umbrella, even if, like me, she was otherwise dressed for rather nicer conditions.

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Oxford Road, closed

Friday 12th June 2015, 8.55am (day 1,387)

Oxford Rd, closed, 12/6/15

The university bridge over Oxford Road is considered iconic (if only because it has the words ‘University of Manchester’ plastered on it in big letters on the far side of this shot). It’s also rather dingy — see this picture, for example. Anyway, it’s going soon, being demolished, and this week Oxford Road has been closed while they prepare for the big removal. It’s so much better to have a university campus without a big fat A road running through the middle of it. Would that it were like this the whole time.

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Pitches for the homeless, under the Mancunian Way

Wednesday 5th November 2014, 9.45am (day 1,168)

Mancunian Way, 5/11/14

I have been giving some thought recently to this blog and what I want it to be. To cut a long story short I’ve decided to try and be more of a photographer than a blogger — and will try, as much as I can, to let the image stand alone, speak for itself (with the addition of a title and some tags, I guess). For a trial period I’m therefore going to stop posting little commentaries alongside the daily image, though I might still provide some basic information on the location.

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