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The 300th place

Wednesday 18th December 2019, 3.20pm (day 3,037)

New Mills, 18/12/19

This is New Mills, Derbyshire, a place with some impressive verticals, perched as it is above a deep gorge formed by the River Goyt. I spent the afternoon and evening here and it’s a shame I didn’t manage to arrive until 3.15pm, by which time it was already getting rather gloomy. A place to revisit with some better light.

Thanks to the stats that are faithfully kept for this blog (and which, for me and my compulsive chronicling, are a significant element of keeping this going), I know also that New Mills is the 300th different, identifiable location to be depicted on here. Obviously the count depends how I slice certain places (particularly the Lake District) but this is how it’s come out. This is one new place every 10.1 days or thereabouts, a supply which shows no signs of running out, so let’s just keep exploring. I might not be able to save the world but I would like to see more of it, before I go.

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Back home

Friday 1st September 2017, 8.20am (day 2,199)

Pennines from above, 1/9/17

It’s nice to travel — even if it’s for work — but it’s just as nice to come home. I don’t know where this is exactly, somewhere in Derbyshire I’m guessing. Pennines, for sure. And in the middle of a valley like this, I live, so it’s representative enough, welcome home.

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