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Hydropower, Oulu

Sunday 23rd September 2018, 8.35pm (day 2,586)

Oulu dam, 23/9/18

Time for a change of scene. Finland was the first country other than the UK to appear on this blog, back in September 2011, but it’s been a while (August 2012 to be precise) since I was last here properly. But Oulu is the venue for this year’s ECIL conference, which starts tomorrow, so here I am. This is the second most northerly city I have ever been, after Tromsø. I had only a short time here this evening to wander around, but this hydropower dam, built across the mouth of the main river, was an eye-catching sight. I’m here until Thursday.

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Friday 14th July 2017, 1.05pm (day 2,150)

Empty reservoir, 14/7/17

Some rivers and lakes around here are somewhat lower than is usual, that is true, but this picture does not represent some heroic water shortage in the north-west of England. Rather, the Warland reservoir is being renovated, so has been drained, its bed exposed and returning to its natural state. There are some bleak panoramas up on the moors round here and the lack of water here doesn’t do this particular one any further favours.

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