Finlandia building, Helsinki

Sunday 12th August 2012, 11.30am (day 353)

Finlandia building, 12/8/12

Last day in Helsinki. Went on a walk this morning round Töölönlahti, which is an arm of the sea in the centre of the city, encircled by a pleasant path festooned with joggers and cyclists. Many of them stop at a terrace café high up on one side, where the famous  Finnish architect Alvar Aalto must once have enjoyed his cups of coffee. The evidence for this statement is given above, where you see Aalto’s 1976 Finlandia building (a multi-arts venue), placed in front of the much older – and twice as distant – tower of the Finnish National Museum behind. Just look closely. What a stroke of genius, only visible from this exact spot, and all done with a lick of paint.

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2 thoughts on “Finlandia building, Helsinki

  1. […] And so I came home again, with my itinerary merging at Helsinki with the last few English football fans who had been in Estonia for the match on Sunday evening. Around gate 37 of Helsinki airport is an art gallery, which makes a difference from the usual duty free shop, but then again they do most things better in Scandinavia if you ask me. Finland sneaks back onto the blog then, 793 days after its last appearance on 12th August 2012. […]

  2. […] other than the UK to appear on this blog, back in September 2011, but it’s been a while (August 2012 to be precise) since I was last here properly. But Oulu is the venue for this year’s ECIL […]

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