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Making rabbit pie

Thursday 26th July 2012, 10.00pm (day 336)

Carol and Joe cooking, 26/7/12

Here I am at the in-laws’ for a bit. It’s the school summer vacation so Joe can stay up until late. Tearing him away from the TV or the DS is a good plan, teaching him the rudiments of cooking, with his gran Carol, an even better one. He can, at least, wield a Worcester sauce bottle with aplomb, as this proves.

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Joe and Carol at Morecambe FC

Saturday 24th September 2011, 2.55pm (day 30)

Carol and Joe at Morecambe, 24/9/11

Continuing the football theme… This is Carol, my mother-in-law, and yes, it is quite fun to have a mother-in-law with whom I can go to the football. Joe is still responding reasonably well to the family campaign to turn him into a supporter of approved clubs, and credit to him for still claiming to be a Morecambe and Brighton fan (Family United 1, Peer Pressure City 0).

I think Carol was still smiling a second after this shot, by the way. Not so happy at the end of the day however: Morecambe 2, Bristol Rovers 3.

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