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Vote Candy

Friday 4th March 2022, 10:45am (day 3,844)

Vote Candy, 4/3/22

It’s voting season for the Students’ Union. I’m certainly endorsing Candy’s candidacy. With a name like Candy Kong how, indeed, can one go wrong. She should be given a position of power with immediate effect.

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‘Something Sweet’, Hebden Bridge

Wednesday 14th September 2011, 3.20pm (day 20)

Something Sweet, 14/9/11

Hebden Bridge is known for being packed full of ‘independent’ stores. This means that you can’t buy many useful things, like a pair of pants or a washing machine, but you can find five or six retailers here from whom you can buy a chamomile-scented candle shaped like a pyramid.

However, when one wants to get an otherwise reluctant child to do something with you just after school chucking-out time, the fact that we have an old, traditional sweet shop (candy store) is something of a bonus.

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