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Geese and snow

Sunday 7th February 2021, 12.50pm (day 3,454)

Geese and snow, 7/2/21

More waterfowl. Then again, more snow. Recurring themes, but everything is recurring. Overhead cables of whatever kind are usually an irritant, but I don’t mind them here.

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The geese head west

Sunday 20th January 2019, 11.10am (day 2,705)

Flock of geese, 20/1/19

Why head west? Why not south? Well, the valley runs east-west here so I guess they were trying to work out the best route. Anyway I think Canada geese (which these are — Branta canadensis) live in the UK year-round these days, so maybe they were just commuting up-valley to Todmorden.

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Geese on the weir

Friday 6th June 2014, 4.35pm (day 1,016)

Geese on the weir, 6/6/14

More greenery! More waterfowl! It may or may not rain heavily tomorrow, but after my complaints yesterday, today was a beautiful day.

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