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Waiting for water

Thursday 28th June 2018, 6.55pm (day 2,499)

Waiting for water, 28/6/18

With no running water on our allotment we depend for irrigation there either on rain or on lugging up liquid from the house. The buckets are waiting… but the rain has not come. So the bottles go up the hill, again and again.

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Fire buckets, Keighley station

Sunday 17th June 2012, 2.50pm (day 297)

Fire buckets, 17/6/12

We were on Keighley station a couple of weekends ago, but hey, here we are again. We had a free ticket and it was something to do. I choose this picture today partly because of the colour and shapes, but mainly because the sign above makes it look like these are the rudimentary toilet facilities. I mean, I know this heritage railway is preserving how things were a hundred years ago or whatever, but this seems to be taking it a bit far.

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