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View from the top of Eagle Crag

Monday 26th July 2021, 11.50am (day 3,623)

A third day in four spent walking, bringing to an end a very fine long weekend in the Lake District, on which all was pleasingly normal. This pointy slab of rock marks the highest point of Eagle Crag, a fine (and finely-named) eyrie from which to keep an eye on the Stonethwaite valley below. See more photos on my other blog, if you like. Back to work tomorrow — but I will return here, I will always be returning here.

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Climbing the Bowder

Friday 23rd July 2021, 3.25pm (day 3,620)

Bowder Stone steps, 23/7/21

Clare reaches the top of the steps that take one up onto the Bowder Stone — a famous attraction of the Lake District that I have never before seen. Its name is tautological, for a big Bowder (boulder) it certainly is; hollow it out, install plumbing, and I imagine a family of three could live inside in comfort.

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Combe Gill

Monday 2nd January 2017, 11.20am (day 1,957)

Combe Gill, 2/1/17

Public holiday today, and a beautiful day of weather, so I made the most of it and went on a Lake District walk. The remaining photos will be up on my other blog some time tomorrow morning. Combe Gill is a hanging valley above upper Borrowdale, tucked into the massif that is known as Glaramara. And yes, there’s something, well, intimate-looking about it.

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Great Gable and Kirk Fell

Monday 28th March 2016, 1.30pm (day 1,677)

Great Gable and Kirk Fell, 28/3/16

As its name suggests, Great Gable is the pyramid on the left, and one of the most well-kn0wn fells in the Lake District and/or England. Last time I went up it was in foul weather (on 29/7/12) and I am determined to return to it in blue skies, so it was not on my itinerary today — but it was the best looking object on my walk round the upper reaches of the valleys of Borrowdale and Gillercomb. Colder and greyer than it might have been, but I quite like this shot, taken from the nearby summit of Brandreth.

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