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Putting my feet up

Sunday 16th December 2018, 4.00pm (day 2,670)

Feet up, 16/12/18

A very unexciting day today, not least because I had to work for much of it — but by this point, that is over, and there are only two more working days left for me until Christmas. Whether the break will get much more exciting than this, who knows; but as usual at this time of year, I couldn’t really care.

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Boot and bench (and break)

Tuesday 22nd December 2015, 6.30pm (day 1,580)

My boot, 22/12/15

My boot. The pub bench (illuminated by the yellow of the sodium streetlights and the green of the traffic light just down the road). My Xmas break, 11 days off work now. Hurrah!

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