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On the Arbat

Wednesday 18th January 2017, 3.45pm (day 1,973)

Arbat chipmunk, 18/1/17

Afternoon off, so I headed for the Arbat, probably the most laid back of the streets in Moscow city centre, and venue for one of the very first Moscow pictures featured on this blog on 24th October 2011. The kids seem very happy to see the guy in the chipmunk suit, what they probably don’t realise is that he’s almost certainly handing out leaflets for some tattoo parlor or e-cigarette vendor. Note the Christmas decorations still up — Russian Orthodoxy does all that stuff two weeks later than we do, so it’s not yet past Twelfth Night here.

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Mad Georgian Restaurant

Sunday 9th December 2012, 11.10am (day 472)

Mad Georgian restaurant, 9/12/12

This place is located near the Arbat in Moscow. I have eaten here once in the past and the food is very good, they do say that the Georgians do the best cuisine of all the former Soviet republics. What is more apparent about the place is the crazy nature of the building, it’s impossible to capture in one shot, really, but the fact that you enter it through a gigantic clay urn gives you some sense of what we’re talking about here. Inside it is full of bridges and little cubbyholes, it’s very surreal.

Last day in Moscow, and I won’t now be back until June. Unfortunately I have also to report the loss of my personal diary, the whole of 2012 disappeared last night somewhere in Domodedovo airport. I have kept a diary for 29 years now; but the year’s just gone. I have been trying to track it down, to see if anyone might have handed it in (as it can have no value to anyone else other than me – for whom it is irreplaceable), but no luck.

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Arbat, Moscow

Monday 24th October 2011, 6.25pm (day 60)

Arbat, 24/10/11

The Arbat is like Hebden Bridge. You can amble around and pick up art or second-hand books or jewelry, but nothing very practical like medicine. But it is laid-back, which is unusual for Moscow.

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