The Berlin Wall (remnant)

Friday 23rd February 2018, 1.55pm (day 2,374)

Berlin wall, 23/2/18

I wonder how many reputed bits of the Berlin Wall there are remaining in the world. I used to have at least one bit of rubble that was definitely part of it, because I removed it myself, on my one visit to Berlin in September 1990 when there was still quite a bit of it standing and being pulled down by tourists. Every bit of it that I could see at that time had been heavily graffitied so either this big, relatively clean chunk standing in the Imperial War Museum in London is from something else, or (more likely) this stood on the inside, facing the no-man’s land that stood between East and West from 1961-1989.

Whatever. Decent museum, the IWM, takes an even-handed view of its subject matter. And free, for now.

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