Five years gone

Thursday 25th August 2016, 6.40pm (day 1,827)

Another rather uneventful day with little to photograph. After a while I determined that I wanted to capture the number five somehow, and did so with this menu board at the restaurant where we ate out in the evening. Why five? Because today marks the completion of five full years of this blog. I started this on my 42nd birthday, 26th August 2011, and here we are, one day before my 47th. So there you are, now you know how many days are in five years (with two leap years)…

When I started I didn’t think it would be easy to keep it going for one year, but after a while this just became an aspect of my daily diary (which has now been going for 33 years). There’s not always something good to photograph but I do my best. I’m sticking with it, anyway — for now it is just a part of what I do.

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One thought on “Five years gone

  1. Five years congratulations

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