New Market, Manchester (building site)

Tuesday 3rd May 2016, 9.30am (day 1,713)

New Market, 3/5/16

The street of New Market makes, I think, its third appearance on this blog, with its transition from well-lit back street to building site to today’s, well, building site having been documented over the last two years. Reduced now to a mere alley, the fence that bounds it on the right is captured, distorted, in the side wall of Boots on the other side. It’s actually quite hard to get a photo of Manchester city centre that doesn’t somehow show it as a building site at this point in time.

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One thought on “New Market, Manchester (building site)

  1. […] Market has had its transformation sporadically documented on here: this was it before the building, this one during, and now above. Was it worth all the bother? The premises on the right have become a hotel in the […]

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