Preparing for the jewellery class

Wednesday 7th October 2015, 6.50pm (day 1,504)

Preparing jewellry, 7/10/15

The rules I set myself on this blog (which are available on the ‘About’ page) state that I do not pose or stage photos, nor do I light them beyond what illumination is available naturally. These are true, but tonight, while stopping off for a pint on the way home from work, this woman was working on setting up some jewellery-making class in the White Lion, and complaining that she didn’t have good enough light. I noticed that the spotlights above were adjustable so made the necessary changes to help her out — then asked if I could take her picture because the light had suddenly come so good. So I suppose this one is half-lit. But one can bend the rules occasionally to help others.

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