View from Leeds station, Monday morning

Monday 1st June 2015, 7.50am (day 1,376)

Leeds station, 1/6/19

Sometimes when doing this blog I take shots a few times before I use them. They’re not one-offs, I know where they are and that they’ll work if the light’s right, but each time I capture a version, something else comes along later in the day and usurps their place. This is an example. I pass through Leeds station often enough, and this abstract is actually a view from platform 14, looking south, through grating to the BT building behind. I must have taken something approaching this shot three or four times by now — but until now, not used it. Here it is today, however: which means I’ll have to find something else to grab in the future, when I’m on Leeds station on a morning and the light is right.

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