Foggy morning, Manchester airport

Wednesday 18th March 2015, 9.50am (day 1,301)

Foggy airport, 18/3/15

I don’t feel my photos on here have been that great lately, and one reason has been a decided lack of light. Except for last Tuesday (10th), which wasn’t bad, we pretty much haven’t seen the sun in March. Cold, grey, flat light throughout. This morning was little different. The fog was clearing as I boarded my plane to Bergen, via Copenhagen — the usual Long Commute — earlier flights this morning were disrupted by it but though I had a short delay it wasn’t so bad. I doubt the weather will change much in Bergen however, which is after all The City of Perpetual Rain, so no immediate prospect of a change to sunnier scenes…

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2 thoughts on “Foggy morning, Manchester airport

  1. I was photographing in Bergen once, in the old town, and the rain was very heavy. A Norwegian family sweetly offered me their umbrella, which I declined as I don’t like carrying them when working. They tried to insist but then I told them that I was from Manchester, and was fine, they all nodded understandingly..

    • Drew Whitworth says:

      I know the feeling 🙂 We just had the near-total eclipse in Bergen but it was far too rainy to see anything: it went extremely dim, but then again, could just have been passed off as normal weather…

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