Clare and her Lego lady

Friday 30th January 2015, 4.50pm (day 1,254)

Clare and Lego lady, 30/1/15

Whether inspired by me or not, Clare now has a photo blog of her own where she intends to post a photo of a Lego figure every day for a year. Our paths were bound to coincide at some point. Took 30 days.

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2 thoughts on “Clare and her Lego lady

  1. […] the way, Clare was snapped getting this picture, and is on Being 42 […]

  2. […] and Lego seems as good a way to get this kind of outcome as anything else (as the wife would doubtless agree). Asked then to create the ‘ideal librarian’ in Lego, I (as a non-librarian) decided […]

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