Baby chillies

Saturday 30th August 2014, 1.40pm (day 1,101)

Baby habaneros, 30/8/14

This house plant is being carefully tended at present. With luck and attention these little buds should each become chilli peppers strong enough to have its seeds come with warnings regarding the desirability of industrial strength rubber gloves when handling. Bring them on.

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2 thoughts on “Baby chillies

  1. […] and has several siblings on the way. How far they have come, on my bedroom window sill, since they appeared on this blog as babies at the end of […]

  2. […] let me document the next stage in the cultivation of our habañero plants, first seen on here back in August. A portion of the small but still potent fruit of these has now been strung up to dry; the other […]

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