Movember: the halfway point (thankfully)

Saturday 15th November, 8.15pm (UK time) (day 813)

Movember, halfway, 15/11/13

Facebook friends have been seeing the growth of this ridiculous facial hair over the last two weeks but it’s time to put it on the blog. We are at the halfway point of Movember, and this is my effort, all done (I can assure you) to raise money for prostate cancer and other men’s health issues. I display this on here today not, at all, for its artistic merit but to beg for compensation at having to look like this — sponsor me at if you feel I am worthy. Every little helps, thank you.

Today was noticeable for being an extremely wet day, even by Norwegian standards — there was flooding in parts of Bergen and up and down the west coast, with more rain to come tomorrow, but I have escaped home. I hope everyone back there is OK though. I am now not leaving the UK for some time, four and a half months is the current plan. This was taken on the last plane ride home before the break: the Bergen – Manchester service, which runs just once a week, and never, ever on time (shame on you SAS!).

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One thought on “Movember: the halfway point (thankfully)

  1. […] spent solely in the UK. The last time I took (or could take) a photo from outside this country was day 813. However, I am off to Norway […]

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