Poundfield Stores, Crowborough, Sussex

Friday 26th July 2013, 11.10am (day 701)

Poundfield Stores, 26/7/13

Once in a while you will get a photo on here that is posted not for artistic merit (though I don’t mind this shot in that regard, I think it captures the small and prosaic nature of this establishment), but just because it means something to me. This trip to Sussex has been undertaken partly because I wanted to go and have a nose around the places where I lived when I was a child, until 1988 when I left aged about 19, these being the town of Crowborough in Sussex and the nearby village of Rotherfield. I could bore you with how it all felt but there’s not a lot of point, you’ve never been there and it’s not, to tell the truth, the most exciting part of the world although it is a very pretty one.

The reason this photo is here is because of all the places I expected to have disappeared, this was the most unexpected survivor; my old neighbourhood store. Seeing this place and going in to buy sweets (and I did, well, a Bounty Bar anyway) really did make me feel like I was 10 years old again. It’s not called ‘Mace’ any more but long may it last.

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One thought on “Poundfield Stores, Crowborough, Sussex

  1. […] explained by the fact that Crowborough is the town where I grew up, and lived until 1988 (as I have noted on this blog before). But until today I had never seen their principal football team, Athletic, play a game. So this is […]

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