Hebden Bridge Vintage Car Rally

Sunday 5th August 2012, 12.55pm (day 346)

Vintage rally, 5/8/12

This is one of my town’s more pleasurable regular events and was thankfully blessed by good weather. I no longer have an interest in cars as a means of propulsion but any one built before about 1965 just has such a damn fine look to it. And when they come out to events like this they’re all looking their best, polished and chrome and curvy and well, dammit (Janet), rather sexy. But I only look. I don’t want a relationship with one of these things again. Too complicated.

(PS technically this is a self-portrait: look carefully.)

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One thought on “Hebden Bridge Vintage Car Rally

  1. […] nothing ruins an otherwise pleasing shot more than there being a car in it. With the exception of vintage ones, they’re all identical, ugly, boring and vastly over-rated machines. OK, rant […]

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