Lake Nasser

Friday 11th January 2013, 5.05pm [Eastern African Time] (day 505)

Lake Nasser, 11/1/13

The idea of flying over the Sahara did appeal at first, but for much of it there was almost nothing to see – as one would expect, I suppose. Nothingness – at least, when seen from 35,000 feet – got boring rather quickly. However, flying over this huge expanse of water among the dunes did wake up the photographers amongst us for a while. Look closely enough at this shot and you can also get a sense of the curvature of the Earth: the horizon has a definite bend to it.

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One thought on “Lake Nasser

  1. […] this is normal for January, but actually it isn’t: six years ago today, for example, I was flying over the Sahara on my way to Kenya. But in 2019 I’ve a couple more weeks at home yet, before there’s […]

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