The “Pussycats” room, Rockheim

Monday 1st October 2012, 6.50pm (day 403)

Pussycats room, 1/10/12

Here I am in Norway again – specifically Trondheim, which happens to be the furthest north I have ever been on this planet. The views coming in on the plane this morning were spectacular, but though I got some good shots they were all taken through glass and none quite did it for me (though this remains the most beautiful country in the world – well, one of them anyway, perhaps alongside Greece).

Decided, in the end, not to go for the landscape shot, but instead picked one from our pre-conference-reception tour at ‘Rockheim’, a museum devoted entirely to the Norwegian rock’n’roll industry – and more interesting than that might seem to outsiders. This room was a homage to the ‘Pussycats’, apparently the first Norwegian rock band to really make it big in the 60s. So now you know.

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