Lunch in Mosedale Cottage

Friday 31st August 2012, 11.45am (day 372)

Mosedale Cottage, 31/8/12

Another walk today. I snuck it in based on a good weather forecast in the morning, and so it was, but after noon we went back to the same old rubbish. Never mind, it was good while it lasted.

A distinctive feature of the walk was being able to have my lunch sat inside on a very comfortable couch instead of outside on some damp mossy rock somewhere. The reason was the existence of Mosedale Cottage, a ‘mountain hut’ or bothy, some three or so miles from any other building. When I turned up there were these three shepherds having lunch there as well, and why wouldn’t you, it’s definitely the most comfortable place to have lunch for miles around. We shared the room for 10 minutes, moved on. It was as good a spot for lunch as I’ve managed on any Lake District walk.

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4 thoughts on “Lunch in Mosedale Cottage

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  2. wow that is the most intriguing thing i’ve read and seen all week

  3. […] bothy (hut) that is Mosedale Cottage in the Lake District. I have used it on this blog before, on 31/8/12 to be precise. I like the fact that in one of the remotest spots I know, one can come in and have […]

  4. […] Cottage in the Lake District. You’ve seen it before, on the inside, a couple of times (31/8/12 and 15/4/14). On both those occasions I was passing through and having lunch, but tonight I stayed […]

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