The new King’s Cross

Wednesday 23rd May 2012, 12.15pm (day 272)

King's Cross, 23/5/12

This is the new entrance at King’s Cross station in London, opened in March. I’m very impressed with it. Apart from looking damn good, it also has some nice cafes on the balcony which do not charge ludicrous prices for cups of tea (£1.50 for a cup, which is quite reasonable these days), and a good pub, which seems as if it has been there for decades. And there’s a Platform 9¾ sign (complete with a luggage trolley half-sticking out of a wall) to keep the Harry Potter fans happy.

Most of all though I’m impressed there are still people around who give enough of a toss about creating beautiful things in public life that things like this can still get built. May it continue to be the case.

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2 thoughts on “The new King’s Cross

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