Clare’s luggage (and opportunities missed)

Friday 27th January 2012, 1.50pm (day 155)

Clare's luggage, 27/1/12

No offense, but I’ve never seen a man who can take this much away for a one-night journey, regardless of the circumstances. I quite like the mild optical illusion with this picture: the reason the rucksack to left appears to be balanced on its side, and the ID tag on the right is hovering in mid air, is because this pic is actually taken from above.

However, the moral of the day is – Always Take The Camera. In the evening, after I’d given up seeking a better shot in a grey and dreary, uneventful day, there was a half-hour snowstorm that left Hebden Bridge dusted with white in the evening light. But… you’ll just have to take my word for it. Two hours later it was all gone.

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