Fei at her graduation, University of Manchester

Wednesday 14th December 2011, 6.00pm (day 111)

Fei at graduation, 14/12/11_low-res

Couldn’t take lots of photos at this happy event because I had an official role to play: it would not have done to have been snapping away from up on the stage while reading out the names of the many graduates celebrating their achievements this evening. (Reading the names out is a harder job than it looks, I can assure you.) This was the best shot to encapsulate the most important thing about the day however – it makes people happy.

I would say, somebody please tell our government that higher education remains a public good, but we have done so, and they don’t care. Very soon Fei, and I, will sod off to work and study in a country which still values the notion of higher education as something which benefits everyone, not just the student. And we will take all the expertise and economic gains that it represents with us. Their loss. I hope it never happens, but we teeter on the edge here in the UK system, right now.

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3 thoughts on “Fei at her graduation, University of Manchester

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  2. […] for a year while her husband does post-doc work there. One of my recently-graduated students (see Dec 14th), and a very good advert for her native Costa Rica. Advertisement GA_googleAddAttr("AdOpt", "1"); […]

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