Clare, adding up

Saturday 3rd December 2011, 11.10am (day 100)

Clare, writing, 3/12/11

Another effort today by the Whitworth family to sell various forms of artwork (home-made and otherwise) to a mildly interested public. Better than three weeks ago: we made a reasonable amount for two hours’ work.

This blog is now 100 days old so I’ve put some more photos up on the ‘Best of the Rest’ page. Of the 100 photos I’ve used here are some stats – the numbers don’t quite add up because sometimes I’ve just had to classify them in more than one category:

  • 8 of the photos are landscapes, 5 of these from the Lake District – 30 urban scenes (of which 14 are in Hebden Bridge and 7 in Manchester) – 25 portraits (6 of Joe, 5 of Clare, 6 of friends or colleagues, 8 of strangers and, mercifully, only one a self-portrait) – 10 of flora and fauna – 6 classed as ‘transport’ and 22 interiors.
  • 14 of the daily photos are taken outside of the UK: 4 in Russia, 3 in Finland and 5 in Norway, plus two at indeterminate locations, somewhere over the North Sea in planes (to and from the same trip to Bergen in early November).
  • The most popular time for photos is the morning: 40 of the 100 have been taken between 8am – noon. Only four have been taken after 8pm.
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