Boris at the Christmas market, Manchester

Wednesday 23rd November 2011, 5.45pm (day 90)

Boris at the Xmas market, 23/11/11

This (on the right) is Boris, one of my colleagues from Moscow (see October 23-27), visiting Manchester for a couple of days. He is well into his 60s but has a 6-year-old daughter, which I find kinda sweet. A nice guy, if you don’t enquire too deeply into what he did in the Soviet era.

I also quite like Manchester’s German-inspired Christmas markets, which achieve the (for me) astonishing combination of being both highly Christmassy and yet not twee nor over-commercial. I like this shot because of the stallholder’s pleasant look of satisfaction as Boris decides whether to get a gift for his daughter.

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One thought on “Boris at the Christmas market, Manchester

  1. […] today that she’d never been on it — whereas Boris has, once before (in November 2011, a picture I still like). So there you go G — you made […]

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