The summit of Rannerdale Knotts

Friday 28th October 2011, 11.40am (day 64)

Rannerdale Knotts, 28/10/11

No time to settle in at home after returning from Moscow – at this time of year it is necessary to grab the chance to get a walk in when I can. I may not have time to do any more until nearly Christmas, unfortunately, and depend on the weather even then.

But it’s worth it. Trips abroad are interesting but I’d rather be here. So would this sheep, by the looks of things.

(See for other photos from today and a description of the walk.)

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One thought on “The summit of Rannerdale Knotts

  1. […] been long enough for locations to recur, as I intend to cover the whole place twice. Back in October 2011, quite early on in this blog (day 64), the cover star was a sheep on the summit of Rannerdale […]

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