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George in Arundel Park

Sunday 10th April 2016, 9.45am (day 1,690)

George, Arundel Park_10/4/16

My friend George featured on the blog fairly recently (in February in fact) — but I like her purple hair, just right for this very pleasant morning in West Sussex, so let’s feature her again…

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Evening dog walk

Tuesday 16th June 2015, 7.30pm (day 1,391)

Evening dog walk, 16/6/15

The evenings are just so long at the moment, at this latitude — the sun still comfortably high enough in the sky to give the flare to the left, even at 7.30. Plenty of light, I like it. I wish it was like this all year but I guess the axial tilt problem will always remain insoluble.

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The last walk of the Christmas break

Sunday 4th January 2015, 11.45am (day 1,228)

Dog walking, 4/1/15

At least since Christmas Day it’s been a pleasant break with lots of chances to get outdoors. It’s no coincidence that there’ve been plenty of landscape shots on here in the last 10 days, and here’s another one. The whole house goes back to work and/or school tomorrow: which I guess is the case for many of us. H0pe you had a good one.

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Nutclough Woods, Boxing Day

Friday 26th December 2014, 12.50pm (day 1,219)

Nutclough Woods, 26/12/14

Not an exciting shot. Or a particularly technically adept one. In fact, I can’t claim anything much for this one other than that it was the best I managed on the day. It’s picturesque enough I suppose. Boxing Day, nothing much happened… We got a walk in the woods and some family time.

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Dummy tree, Stavanger

Wednesday 12th June 2013, 6.15pm (day 657)

Dummy tree, 12/6/13

Here I am in Stavanger, another new place to add to the list. I could have chosen a picture of the great view from the breakfast room at my hotel, could have chosen one of a rather attractive swan by the lake, but here’s one of a bunch of baby’s dummies (pacifiers) tied to a pole in the woods. Hundreds and hundreds of them. I’m sure there’s a good reason for it.

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Mount Coot-tha woods

Thursday 11th April 2013, 11.35am (day 595)

Mt Coot-tha woods, 11/4/13

Clare and Joe’s last full day in Australia before the end of their break here, so let’s feature them on today’s picture. Taken with the old Fujifilm camera with which I took the first 366 photos on this blog: it still takes a decent shot but the zoom is half-dead so I do need to repair the other one.

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Mushroom seat

Monday 11th March 2013, 1.50pm (day 564)

Mushroom seat, 11/3/13

Difficult choice of picture today because I am currently in the highly picturesque Blue Mountains town of Katoomba, which is surrounded by spectacular sandstone mountains, pillars and gorges. But I’m off walking round here tomorrow as well, and I don’t want to repeat myself – also the light wasn’t so good today. So hopefully you should see pictures of the landscape tomorrow. And if not, well, there’s plenty already online I’m sure.

So here’s today’s photo instead. I think this is a very cute little mushroom and the fly sitting on the top has something of Lewis Carroll’s caterpillar… don’t you think? Just a little bit?

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Nutclough woods

Saturday 8th September 2012, 3.15pm (day 380)

Nutclough woods, 8/9/12

A thoroughly glorious day, and a weekend too. The whole town was out enjoying it today. Plenty of other candidate photos today but this one serves to encapsulate the atmosphere. Do we forgive it the summer just gone, the ‘wettest for 100 years’ apparently? Well… let’s not go that far yet. If it stays sunny until mid-October, say, we might do.

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The Nutclough stream, later

Tuesday 24th July 2012, 4.40pm (day 334)

Nutclough stream, 24/7/12

On a pleasant summer’s day, here is the Nutclough stream, looking as if butter wouldn’t melt in its flow. (It probably wouldn’t.) This is the stream that turned into a torrent on 9th July and took out a couple of houses two hundred yards downstream. More before and after comparison pictures are on the Facebook album, as linked.

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