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Dismantling the Wheel of Manchester

Monday 16th April 2012, 4.35pm (day 235)

Wheel of Manchester, 16/4/12

Don’t ask me why it’s being dismantled. It disappeared for a short time a couple of years ago, then turned up back again. Probably there’s a plan to put some big screen TVs up for all the sporting media jubilee overhyped rip-off events going on this summer (sorry, sorry). I bet these guys don’t even know. They just work here. The guy on the left looks utterly bored at spending his working day thirty feet up a ladder spinning a huge wheel around with his hands (well, that’s what they were doing).

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Poppies on the Wheel of Manchester

Monday 14th November 2011, 7.45am (day 81)

Poppies on the Wheel of Manchester, 14/11/11

The poppy is a symbol of Remembrance for those lost in war. From mid-October onwards, anyone caught on British TV without having one attached to their lapel might as well have strapped a fake beard to their face and gone on screen ranting about the glories of terrorism.

I’m all for Remembrance. It is vital that we recall the cost of war. I just find it…. ironic… that one newspaper which very forcefully led the recent, virulent campaign that demanded the England football team be permitted to break FIFA’s rules on displaying political symbols on shirts was the same newspaper that up until about 1938 was a staunch supporter of Hitler, and is also now very keen that we go off and bomb Iran. For that rag, ‘remembrance’ is just something other people (must) do.

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