Dismantling the Wheel of Manchester

Monday 16th April 2012, 4.35pm (day 235)

Wheel of Manchester, 16/4/12

Don’t ask me why it’s being dismantled. It disappeared for a short time a couple of years ago, then turned up back again. Probably there’s a plan to put some big screen TVs up for all the sporting media jubilee overhyped rip-off events going on this summer (sorry, sorry). I bet these guys don’t even know. They just work here. The guy on the left looks utterly bored at spending his working day thirty feet up a ladder spinning a huge wheel around with his hands (well, that’s what they were doing).

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One thought on “Dismantling the Wheel of Manchester

  1. […] a month ago, the Wheel of Manchester still stood, there was today this gymnastic display by a group of energetic ten year-olds. […]

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